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  1. Location: Hong Kong; Mid-Autumn Festival: October 1st, 2020; Public holiday: October 2nd, 2020; Major events: Fire Dragon Dance, Lantern Displays; The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second biggest traditional Chinese holiday after Chinese New Year. In Hong Kong, you can watch the fire dragon and lion dances, enjoy festival food and drinks and lantern displays, find festival related sales, and encounter crowds of shoppers and tourists on holiday
  3. 2020's Mid-Autumn Festival will take place on Thursday 1 st October. The Legend Behind the Mid-Autum Festival An ancient Chinese traditional custom that goes back nearly three thousand years, the Festival was most likely established as a communal celebration for the annual harvest, but also has some interesting folklore behind it
  4. The Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner! Also known as the Moon Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival will take place on October 01, 2020. Get into the spirit and celebrate the festive event with traditional mooncakes, colorful lanterns, amazing stories, and more! Top 6 Ways To Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival
  5. Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the lantern or moon festival, takes place annually on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, and this year, that day falls on October 1, 2020

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the three biggest Chinese Festivals (Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival) and is held on the 15 th day of the eighth of the lunar month, this year falling on 1 st October. Generally, the full moon on this day seems brighter and bigger than usual with less clouds. In ancient China, Chinese emperors worshiped this special autumn to wish for an abundant harvest the following year. Nowadays, we usually celebrate it with family. It is still a time of giving thanks. The Mid Autumn Festival is a time for families to spend special time together, and for prayer where people pray their specific requests. The festival runs for a week and, during that time, Hong Kong is transformed into a show of sound, colour and light. Lanterns are everywhere, from ancient style, modern and paper and children are captivated by the fun lanterns they are given

Das Mid-Autumn Festival, basiert auf dem chinesischen Erntefest und ist ein Paradebeispiel für Hong Kongs Vielfältigkeit. So vermischen sich traditionelle mit modernen Elementen und verleihen dem Festival seinen eigenen Flair. Traditionelle Laternen funkeln mit Neonlichtern um die Wette und Feuerdrachen tanzen bei Vollmond durch die geschäftigen Straßen der festlich beleuchteten Metropole. Mehr über dieses einzigartige kulturelles Erlebnis erfahren Si Mid-Autumn Festival Menu 2020 Human Rights Press Awards The Human Rights Press Awards are run by the FCC, Amnesty International Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Journalists Association. The 24th annual awards were announced on May 6, 2020 Moon watching tips for Mid-Autumn Festival 2020|Hong Kong Observatory (HKO)|Press Releases Moon watching tips for Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 17 September 2020 The Mid-Autumn Festival this year falls on National Day on October 1 (Thursday) and full moon (see Note) will occur shortly before moonset the next morning 年 日期 天 假期; 2020: 10月2日: 星期五: 中秋節翌日: 2019: 9月14日: 星期六: 中秋節翌日: 2018: 9月25日: 星期二: 中秋節翌日: 2017: 10. Hong Kong fishermen during the Qing dynasty, for example, would put up lanterns on their boats for the Ghost Festival and keep the lanterns up until Mid-Autumn Festival. [10] In Vietnam, children participate in parades in the dark under the full moon with lanterns of various forms, shapes, and colors

Das Mondfest oder Mittherbstfest wird in Asien am 15. Tag des achten Monats im traditionellen chinesischen Mondkalender begangen. Im Altertum opferten die Kaiser im Frühling der Sonne und im Herbst dem Mond. Schon in den Geschichtswerken aus der Zhou-Dynastie ist das Wort Mittherbst zu finden. Später folgten die Adligen und Literaten dem Beispiel der Kaiser und bewunderten im Herbst den hellen Vollmond. In der Tang-Dynastie, der Ming- und der Qing-Dynastie wurde es eines. illustration, illustrator, hong kong illustration, hong kong illustrator. Skip to content. Search for: home; about; illustrations; events & news; contact us; Previous Next. View Larger Image; Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2020. sola sofa 祝大家中秋節快樂! 團圓! sola sofa wish you all have a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! By solasofa | 2020-10-01T08:41:32+00:00 October 1st, 2020 | Seasonal. One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2020 . Duddell's is celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival this year with a new mooncake creation, its Lava Cream Custard Mooncake. The mooncakes are crafted with an outer layer of aromatic shortcrust pastry encasing a sweet molten custard within, which oozes out slowly — and theatrically — when the mooncake is cut in half. The creation is available in two packages: a Signature Gift Box ($398/a set of 6) and Limited Edition Gift Box ($588. Everyone is gearing for one of the most celebrated festivals in Hong Kong. More than just mooncakes and traditional gifts, it is a great holiday to celebrate with the family. Mid-Autumn Festival.

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Mid-Autumn Festival commemorates the Chinese mythical character Chang'e with a celebration between family and friends under the full moon. A highlight are traditional mooncakes paired with Chinese tea, juxtaposing the flavoursome lotus seed paste and egg yolk with the fresh fragrance of tea leaves. Nowadays, chefs interpret the traditional mooncake in innovative new ways, incorporating. Day after Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong. When Is Day after Mid-Autumn Festival 2021? 22 Sep 2021 Hong Kong Wed, Sep 22, 2021 Add to calendar. Quick Facts. This year: Wed, Sep 22, 2021 : Next year: Sat, Sep 10, 2022: Last year: Fri, Oct 2, 2020: Type: National holiday : List of dates for other years. Hong Kong holidays 2021. Hong Kong holidays 2022. Is Day after Mid-Autumn Festival a Public. Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday The city of Hong Kong observes the Mid-Autumn Festival every year on the full moon of the 8th month's 15th day of the Chinese calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar, the day falls in the month of September or October annually. Hong Kong declares the day following this festival as a public holiday Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong. When Is Mid-Autumn Festival 2021? 21 Sep 2021 Hong Kong Tue, Sep 21, 2021 Add to calendar. Quick Facts. This year: Tue, Sep 21, 2021: Next year: Sat, Sep 10, 2022: Last year: Thu, Oct 1, 2020: Type: Observance : List of dates for other years. Hong Kong holidays 2021. Hong Kong holidays 2022. Is Mid-Autumn Festival a Public Holiday? Mid-Autumn Festival is not a. Building on the success from last year's CSR initiative, we are delighted to launch our 2020 Celebrating with Purpose campaign to mark the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong.. In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, we're proud to partner with St. James' Settlement, a charitable organisation in Hong Kong, to support those disadvantaged communities who have been impacted the most by.

Mid-Autumn Festival will soon be upon us, which means it's time to break out the lanterns to honour the long-time tradition of families giving thanks for the harvest. Held on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month in the Chinese calendar, the 2020 Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival is on Thursday, October 1st, 2020. The festival historically marks. In 2020, the Mid-Autumn Festival will fall on National Day so it makes up the 8-day holiday. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a national holiday for the Chinese. Chinese people increasingly love to travel during their holidays to escape from the busy days. See the 9 Best Places to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival to get inspiration for your vacation. Alternatively, book in advance and let somebody. In the Gregorian calendar, this occurs in either September or October. In Hong Kong, the day after the festival is a public holiday.This is a harvest festiva..

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  1. Moon over the best Mid-Autumn treats July 21, 2020 / in Dining / by Katrina Lau Though Hong Kong is a globalised metropolitan, one thing's for sure - we take Mid-Autumn Festival seriously. Symbolising reunion and togetherness, mooncakes have been one of the most iconic festive treats since the Yuan Dynasty
  2. READ MORE: Mooncakes From MICHELIN Restaurants and Hotels in Hong Kong This Mid-Autumn Festival 2020. 9. Snow Skin Mooncakes with Keemun Black tea . Snow skin mooncakes are usually enveloped with a soft and chewy outer skin made with glutinous rice flour, and various type of sweet fillings, such as custard, fruit, bean paste and yoghurt. For Chan, this type of mooncake is best paired with.
  3. Tai Hang is an area in Causeway Bay, in Hong Kong Island, where the origins of this tradition took place over a century ago. On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, on October 1st, 2020, the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance Parade extends to Victoria Park during the annual Urban Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival. The parade is expected to reach Victoria Park around 10:45 pm. The Tai Hang Fire Dragon.
  4. #AbbytizerVloglife #2020MidAutumnFestivalHongKong The Mid-Autumn Festival is the most important Chinese holiday after Chinese New Year. In Hong Kong, this ho..
  5. The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, when the moon is at its fullest: this year on October 1. Worshipping the moon stems from the Chinese legend of Chang'e, a woman who stole her husband's immortality elixir. As she became as light as air, she flew to the moon, leaving behind the heartbroken Houyi, who would leave his wife's favourite snacks and fruits in their garden and look at the moon. The tale spawned a number of festival customs.
  6. Mid Autumn Festival 2020 at Kwai Chai Hong | Hops and Dreams Saturday, September 19, 2020 After a successful Chinese New Year installation of the Flying Dragon, Kwai Chai Hong is set to create a positive atmosphere again
  7. Hong Kong 2020 Festival Calendar. The Chinese New Year 2020 Hong Kong will be the start of The Chinese Year of the Rat or Mouse. So 2020 might be good for Disneyland Hong Kong (the land of Micky Mouse), or alternatively, it might be good for all the rodents in the gutters! Chinese festivals shift considerably this year due to there being a.

Different from mainland China, the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in Hong Kong is scheduled on the next day of the festival, thus people can sleep late after a crazy night out. The 2021 Mid-autumn Festival in Hong Kong falls on September 21, and people there have a day off on September 22 Mid-Autumn Festival As the round shape symbolises unity in Chinese culture, the full moon marks the perfect time for families to get together, which is how Mid-Autumn Festival has been celebrated since the early Tang dynasty (618-907). To many, this is considered to be one of the most important festivals of the year. Highly urbanised Hong. 'Lonely festival' as Covid-19 affects Mid-Autumn plans in Hong Kong 10:09am, 28 Sep, 2020 The Mid-Autumn Festival, or Mooncake Festival, is the second-most-important festival in China, after the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). It falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar calendar. In 2020, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 1st October, which is the same day as Chinese National Day Hong Kong. Events; Play; Dine; Learn; Shop; Party; Health; Family Life; Career.

Mondfest 2020. Das Mondfest oder Mittherbstfest (chinesisch 中秋节, Pinyin Zhōngqiūjié) ist neben das Chinesische Neujahr, das wichtigste Fest in China. Nach dem Mondkalender ist der 15. August das traditionelle Mid-Herbst Festival in China. Das Festival ist das zweitwichtigste Fest nach dem Frühlingsfest für das chinesische Volk This picture taken on September 10, 2019 shows mooncakes, adorned with a popular slogan from recent pro-democracy protests, being prepared for the annual mid-autumn festival at a bakery in Hong Kong The Best Mooncakes In Hong Kong 2020! Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival In Style... If you didn't know already, Mooncakes are a BIG deal in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and communities all around the world. A cornerstone of the Mid-Autumn Festival, many people mark this celebration with mooncakes, a treat available for just a few weeks each year Celebrate the annual Mid-Autumn Festival tradition with Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong mooncakes and hampers, featuring handcrafted mooncakes from three Michelin starred Chinese restaurant Lung King Heen as well as Four Seasons traditional flavours

2020 Hong Kong Mid Autumn festival MAF mooncake gift fruit basket NEW collection - by local HKGGB gift shop. What gifts to give on Mid-Autumn Festival this year? Apart from the commonly seen Mid-Autumn Festival fruit basket, Mid-Autumn Mooncake and other festival gifts, HK Give Gift Boutique officially releases a newly designed 2018 Mid-Autumn Fruit n Mooncake gift hamper collection. Inspired. Mid-Autumn Festival - Chinese Moon Festival and Second Grandest Festival Mid-Autumn Festival, or Mid-autumn Day, is the second grandest festival in China after the Chinese New Year. It is named so for that it is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, which is always in the middle of the autumn season in China Events in September. An ancient tradition observed in many parts of Asia, the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates a community's successful harvest season. It is also known as the 'moon festival', as it takes place on the eighth full moon of the lunar calendar. During this time, you'll no doubt notice the shops are full of brightly coloured. A classic Cantonese-style mooncake, traditionally a dense pastry filled with sweetened lotus seed paste and salted duck egg yolks, is the star of the Mid-Autumn Festival table in Hong Kong. Yet the traditional, old-school variety (scroll down to the bottom of this story for our top 4 picks) has slowly fallen out of favour, even maligned for its high fat and high sugar content, with a new.

Hong Kong extends existing Covid-19 social distancing measures through Mid-Autumn Festival 8:09am, 22 Sep, 2020. South China Morning Post . Coronavirus measures, including limits of four per table. Answer 1 of 12: The village I am staying in will be having some sort of celebration which got me wondering if there are any other Moon festival things to do and see? How big of an event is it? Akin to a Bank Holiday, Easter, Christmas? I'd like to learn.. A celebration made for reunions with family and friends, Mid-Autumn Festival is something we are all probably in need of, especially this year, which falls on 1 October 2020. Though we may be slightly apart (and adhering to social distancing rules), we can still gaze at the moon together while indulging in our favourite moon-inspired treats. This year, we are once again seeing a varied selection of mooncakes on the market. From the more creative, and sometimes savoury, to the classics and. 14 Mar 2020. The 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar (usually in September or October), when the moon is at it's fullest and brightest, marks the day of the Mid Autumn Festival in Chinese culture. For locals, it's time to leave work behind and meet with families and for expats and travelers, to get their travel bug fix and head somewhere nearby for a weekend away. If you. Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong Presents Over The Moon Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes and Goodies. 16 July 2020. Embark on an enchanting journey with the Shangri-La moon rabbit to discover heart-warming and delightful moments of the Mid-Autumn Festival. While the full moon shines the roundest and brightest on this day, the moon rabbit is.

When is Mid Autumn Festival? The Mid Autumn festival starts on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. If the day after Mid Autumn Festival holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be a national holiday in Hong Kong. History of the holida Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes & Hamper Online | The Peninsula HK Mid-Autumn Delights 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most spectacular celebrations on the Chinese calendar

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Mid-Autumn Festival takes place every year during the eighth month of the lunar calendar. Wishing Pavilion was commissioned by Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Government of Hong.. Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong Presents Over The Moon Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes and Goodies 2020年7月16日 Embark on an enchanting journey with the Shangri-La moon rabbit to discover heart-warming and delightful moments of the Mid-Autumn Festival For Mid-Autumn 2020, the beloved Peninsula boutique returns to Hong Kong island with a non-permanent location on the atrium floor of Hysan Place. Aside from the usual assortment of custard, tea-flavoured, and walnut/longan mooncakes, this year's pop-up doubles as a recycling point for used packaging: a crucial resource that is turned into hospitality-grade paper towels by Hong Kong-based Mil. Any individual going to Hong Kong throughout the Mid-Autumn Festival is going to be treated to a colorful showcase, exactly where households makeup and light vibrant lanterns all through the city. Traditionally, lanterns are made inside the shape of animals but more lately, modern technological icons, like space ships and airplanes, have also been a well-liked selection. Furthermore, the Mid. The 18th Hong Kong Food Festival, originally held on December, 2020, will be postponed to April 2-6, 2021, at Hall 3, HKCEC. Holders of exhibition complimentary tickets or e-complimentary tickets, please keep the tickets and The Organizer will announce the latest arrangement on the official website

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Sep 4, 2014 - The Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance, a 67 meter long dragon lit up with thousands of incense sticks, winds through the streets of Tai Hang along with over 300 performers and drummers, an essential part of the mid-autumn festival in Hong Kong, here's how to get there mid autumn festival; the peak; avenue of stars; ocean park; hong kong disneyland; ngong ping; ngong ping 360; sky100; ten thousand buddhas monastery; wong tai sin temple; chi lin nunnery; nan lian garden ; noah's ark & ma wan park; mid-levels escalators; stanley; aberdeen; sai kung; lantau island; lamma island; cheung chau; cheung chau bun carnival; peng chau; hong kong wetland park; hong kong. Bild von William Banzai7 Streets of Hong Kong, Hongkong: MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL - Schauen Sie sich 50.076 authentische Fotos und Videos von William Banzai7 Streets of Hong Kong an, die von Tripadvisor-Mitgliedern gemacht wurden A special Mid-Autumn Festival for kids in Vietnam. By Xinhua. Friday, October 02, 2020, 19:03 By Xinhua. A family walks past decorations for sale at a market in the old quarters of Hanoi on September 28, 2020 ahead of the Mid-Autumn festival. (MANAN VATSYAYANA / AFP

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  2. AirAsia Group Berhad chief executive officer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Hong Kong Bay founder Alan Tan unveil the special Musang King mooncake. ― Picture courtesy of Livemall Go. KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 28 ― Musang King durian lovers can celebrate Merdeka Day and mid-Autumn Festival on a sweet note with a scrumptious mooncake from Hong Kong Bay
  3. Spring Lantern Festivals. 7:30pm - 9:30pm. Free. Tsim Sha Tsui. Home. Events. Events in February. We are yet to confirm the dates and details of this event. The Spring Lantern Festival marks the first full moon of the lunar calendar, and the last day of the almost two-week-long Chinese New Year celebrations
  4. i egg custard mooncakes will be available to order from 20 July 2020. First.
  5. On September 30, a tram with the theme National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival passed through the streets of Central, Hong Kong. The National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival theme tram shuttles through the urban areas of Hong Kong Island, creating a strong festive atmosphere. Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Wei Release time: 2020-09-30 20:02:19 【Editor: Li Jun

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  1. 7. Mid-autumn Festival. This major festival (21 September 2021) has been celebrated since the Tang Dynasty and honours the full moon, a symbol of unity for the Chinese. In Hong Kong, traditional round pastries known as mooncakes are still given, alongside modern versions. A must-see event is the enormous fire dragon dance in Tai Hang, where a Chinese dragon constructed with 70,000 glowing incense sticks winds through the streets down to Tin Hau. Another is the lantern display erected at.
  2. The Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation, which operates Tai O Heritage Hotel, launched the Hospitality Young Leaders Programme in mid-July, hiring ten passionate local graduates. They receive cross-departmental and on-the-job training, including stints at Tai O Heritage Hotel. They also support an array of community outreach and engagement activities to promote sustainable tourism and.
  3. HONG KONG MID AUTUMN- FESTIVAL 2019 Among the many traditional Chinese festivals celebrated in Hong Kong, the Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most colourful. For centuries, the Mid-Autumn Festival has been one of the most important Chinese festivals, a time when families get together to celebrate the abundance of a good harvest and to gaze at the full moon. Children play with lanterns of.
  4. Generally speaking, the Mid-Autumn Festival dates distributes between early September and early October. In 2020, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 1st October, which is the same day as Chinese National Day
  5. illustration, illustrator, hong kong illustration, hong kong illustrator. Skip to content. Search for: home; about; illustrations; events & news; contact us; View Larger Image; happy mid-autumn festival 2020 solasofa 2020-10-01T08:44:17+00:00. Project Description. happy mid-autumn festival Wish you all have a happy mid-autumn festival! WATERCOLOUR. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform.
  6. Find the perfect Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations In Hong Kong stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations In Hong Kong of the highest quality
  7. In Hong Kong werden Feuerdrachen- und Löwentänze, Festessen und -trinken, Festbezogene Verkäufe und Massen an Käufern und Touristen im Urlaub erwartet. Um das Mittherbst Fest zu erleben, können Touristen ihre Reise nach Hong Kong während der es Hong Kong Mittherbst Festes planen

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  1. Day after Mid-Autumn Festival. Monkey King Festival: 28 Sep: Confucius' Birthday/Teacher's Day: 9 Oct: Chinese National Day: 1 Oct Chung Yeung Festival 21 Oct: Winter Solstice: 22 Dec: Christmas Day : 25 Dec: Boxing Day: 26 Dec Hong Kong Festivals 2016: Hong Kong Festivals 2017 . Home > What's it like in HK > HongKong Weather > Autumn. Autumn in Hong Kong. This is the season of the year that.
  2. The Day Following Mid-autumn Festival: 22 September, Wednesday National Day: 1 October, Friday Chung Yeung Festival Holiday: 14 October, Thursday Christmas Day: 25 December, Saturday The First Weekday After Christmas Day (to substitute Boxing Day): 27 December, Monday Hong Kong Public Holidays 2020
  3. The Mid-Autumn Festival is the most important Chinese holiday after Chinese New Year. In Hong Kong, this holiday (which on falls September 15th this year) is marked by lantern displays, traditional dragon dances, and the consumption of mooncake.Read on to find about the carnivals and performances taking place across Hong Kong
  4. Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner, celebrate with your family & friends with our tasty mooncakes. There are four luxury giftboxes to pick from. For more details, please don't hesitate to contact our shops. # covahongkong # covamooncake # midautumnfestival # moonfestiva
  5. Mid-Autumn Festival & the Tai Hang fire dragon dance. Mid-Autumn was once celebrated to welcome the harvest and is now an enduring custom that takes over the city. Mooncakes are sold everywhere, fruit and wine offerings are made to the gods, and lanterns are lit to emulate the full moon in September or October. In Victoria Park Get me there {{title}} Address {{address}} Website {{website.
  6. Mid-Autumn Festival light-up Date: 18th September 2020 - 4th October 2020 Time: 7PM-10PM, Daily. Patio Gardens display Date: Now till 27th September 2020 Time: 9AM-8PM, Daily Venue: Flower Dome at Gardens by the bay. Find out more about events at Gardens by the Ba

© 2021 香港物流協會 Hong Kong Logistics Association . Notification The event is observed throughout Asia; Taiwan and Hong Kong observe the Mid-Autumn Festival as a public holiday. The Moon Festival is a very commercialized event with, you guessed it, many types of mooncakes for sale. Aside from buying mooncakes, the Mid-Autumn Festival is about enjoying a brief respite from work to have reunions with family, friends, and loved ones. Mooncakes are exchanged. 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival & National Holidays HFL Offices Closed Dear Colleagues, Please kindly be noted that we will have our public holiday for the 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day later this month, and all cases' deadlines for Trademark or Patent matters with the Office of National IP Administration of China, which fall into this period, would be officially extended

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See more of The University of Hong Kong - HKU - 香港大學 on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of The University of Hong Kong - HKU - 香港大學 on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Mid-autumn Festival. The University of Hong Kong - HKU - 香港大學 . September 30 · Related Videos. The University of Hong Kong - HKU - 香港大學. HKU. Ikea Hong Kong launches mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival. Tiffany Lung. September 9, 2020 1 mins read + Swedish furniture retailer Ikea has yet again stepped out of its aisle, expanding its food range with localised mooncakes for the Hong Kong market. Launching four fruit-flavoured 'snowy' mooncakes (with non-baked glutinous rice flour as shell), the mooncakes feature Hongkongers. Mid-Autumn Festival. Last week was a major holiday, Mid-Autumn Festival. Apart from its origin as a harvest celebration when the moon is at its fullest, in contemporary times it's best known for two things - lanterns and mooncakes. Click on the image below for a bigger view. One of the more fun traditions associated with this holiday are the colorful lanterns. Crowds gather around Hong. MAIN Home Life Holidays Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 2020. It's a tradition that's thousands of years old and, like the moon that lights up the celebration, it's still going strong! In China and throughout many Asian countries people celebrate the Harvest Moon. This year the Mid-Autumn festival falls on Thursday, October 1, 2020. Also known as the Moon Festival, the night of the full moon signals.

Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus, Hong Kong Picture: Happy Mid Autumn Festival - Check out Tripadvisor members' 50,948 candid photos and videos Sep 15, 2017 - Glitzy Lanterns, Fiery Dragons, a Full Moon and more... More info http://www.hong-kong-traveller.com/mid-autumn-festival-lantern-carnivals.html. See. Hong Kong activists plan to combine pro-democracy protests with traditional lantern celebrations marking the Mid-Autumn Festival this weekend, after a brief lull in sometimes violent. mid autumn festival hong kong Archive. Events & Festivals. Mid-Autumn Festival Hong Kong 2016. Katy | Updated: April 23, 2019. Mid-Autumn Festival is an important and widely celebrated festival in Hong Kong. It is time to meet with friends and family members to have big meals, a variety Read More . Events & Festivals. Mid-Autumn Festival. Katy | Updated: April 23, 2019. Mid-Autumn Festival. Hong Kong's enchanting homage to the moon. The Mid-Autumn Festival bathes the city in a glow of colour, as lanterns of all shapes and sizes, fiery dragon dances and moon cakes combine to create.

Mid-autumn festival in Hong Kong city. Photo about architecture, cityscape, festival, kong, asia, carnival, autumn, china, history, hongkong, clock, illuminated. With Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, A BATHING APE Hong Kong has unveiled its latest mooncake gift box set to release this week. Arriving in a portable metal container, the treats are individually packaged in purple camo-decorated boxes that sport the brand's signature ape logo The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) is a stock exchange located in Hong Kong, Hong Kong with a market cap of $5.37 Trillion.. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is open five days per week for 5.5 hours per day and is closed for thirteen holidays in 2020. All holidays listed below are the observed date, not the actual date

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Let Uber take you everywhere this long weekend, because you can ride to get free rides! Celebrate as much as you want under the moon with your family and friends then, and take a free Uber comfortably back to work after the holiday. Skip to Content. Blog. Hong Kong. Promotions. Toggles the location overlay. Sign up. Icon used to display ride with Uber cta. Sign up to. August 21, 2019. 21 Aug. 中秋节 / 中秋節 (Zhōng qiū jié / Mid-Autumn Festival, Moon Festival) is a major holiday celebrated in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. This post has 17 Mid-Autumn Festival videos on YouTube about the historical origins, Chinese songs / poems / stories, and how to make moon cakes Hong Kong is under pressure to add Covid-19-stricken European nations to its list of high-risk countries under which travellers must prove they are not infected with the coronavirus before boarding flights, as the city's leader revealed on Tuesday that a review was under way.France, Spain, Britain and Russia are among the countries that should be added to the list, according to a leading.

Falun Dafa Practitioners in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao Respectfully Wish Master Li Hongzhi a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (9 Greetings) Oct. 2, 2020 (Minghui.org) Practitioners in the following places in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao wish Master Li a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival From September 1 through September 30, 2020, the new Duffy and Friends Celebrate Together show will bring the group's stories of friendship and adventure to life on Mickey Avenue, while a fun new social wall, featuring Duffy and his friends enjoying an autumn picnic, will also serve as an idyllic photo backdrop for guests. Duffy and Friends fans looking to create unique memories with their favorite plush will also be able to create their own Duffy stories by posing their Duffy and Friends. Jul 29, 2020 - From traditional and custard mooncakes to more creative varieties, these are the most exclusive Mid-Autumn Festival treats to reserve this summer Hong Kong MeiXin. This year, Hong Kong Meixin continues to captivate hearts (and taste buds!) with its signature lava custard mooncakes, classic baked favourites, refreshing fruity snowskin delights and Avengers mooncakes. This Mid-Autumn Festival would be the coolest Markets will resume trading after the weekend on Monday, Oct 5 - ZAWYA MENA Editio

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We already blogged about the cute Hello Kitty Le petit Cafe in Hong Kong's department store SOGO. As Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up you can now pre-order the limited edition Hello Kitty Mid-Autumn Festival Macarons. It's a set with 9 different flavors and designs especially made for that holiday. The set costs 268HKD. Currently you can pre-order it [ Hong Kong citizens have begun Mid Autumn Festival celebrations in relative peace. After Chinese New Year, the festival is the second most important fixture on the lunar calendar Mid-Autumn Festival at DWB. Dear Members, Come and join us at Deep Water Bay on Thursday 1 October to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. In the Fairway Grill & Bistro we'll be offering a four-course set menu and children's entertainment. For further details including booking information please click here Mid-Autumn Festival at Victoria Park, Hong Kong Music: Tried To by Tapes https://soundcloud.com/t4pes/tried-t

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As the longest lingering bastion of the British Empire, Hong Kong has often attracted attention from historians, media stalwarts and ordinary travellers alike. However, anyone keen to escape the hustle and bustle of Kowloon and the crowded streets of Central should make sure to visit Hong Kong when it's in its least commercial time of year - during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Answer 11 of 21: For those planning to visit to visit Hong Kong during the Mid-Autumn Festival (2015) here is some general information that you might find helpful or at least interesting. What is Mid-Autumn Festival..

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